Protect your company against ransomware attacks, phishing, and external threats! In today’s world, there are plenty of ways your company’s security can become at risk. We offer protection through anti-virus and anti-phishing software, ransomware protection, and training for your staff.

Don’t leave your company at risk. Give your customers and employees the peace of mind they deserve by offering them cybersecurity they can depend on. A data breach is a headache for everyone involved and can cause your company to appear untrustworthy. When you partner with Computek, you’ll be receiving state of the art cybersecurity for every aspect of your business. You can sleep easy knowing your sensitive data is 100% protected by the top managed IT services in the Georgetown and Austin metro area.

When you choose Computek for your cybersecurity, you’ll receive:

  • Protection from ransomware attacks – Keep your data secure from ransomware attacks. We monitor your assets constantly, ensuring external attacks are neutralized before they start.
  • Anti-phishing software – We install guards against phishing so your employees don’t give out company information to hackers.
  • Anti-virus software – We offer trustworthy anti-virus software that will protect every system from computer viruses of every kind.
  • Employee training – Our employee training provides employees with the training they need to recognize an external threat and the processes to follow to avoid ever leaking data.

Call us at 512-869-1155 for more information on how to stop hackers and get the best cybersecurity possible today.