Cybersecurity Services
in the Georgetown and Austin Area

“More than 6 million data records were exposed globally in 2023 through data breaches. Don’t wait. Protect your company from cyber-attacks with complete cybersecurity from Computek.”

Just over half of small to medium-sized businesses have reported suffering at the hands of cybercrime. Data breaches, ransomware attacks, malware attacks, supply chain interruption, and more all threaten your business and can happen with one wrong click. Cybersecurity risk management through Computek will protect your business from those who wish to steal data, trick users, and leak sensitive data.

Proactive cybersecurity threat prevention is critical to securing your information technology assets. Cybercrimes are rising; don’t let your company fall victim to a preventable crime. At Computek, we focus on providing our clients with defense at every outlet. Our IT security protects against data loss, business disruption, identity theft, and financial loss while keeping your company compliant.

We provide computer cybersecurity solutions, including user education, network security, cyber protection, and endpoint security. With information security you can depend on, you no longer have to worry about man-in-the-middle attacks or distributed denial of services DDoS attacks. Enjoy peace of mind regarding the cybersecurity and online security of your computer systems and sensitive information, partner with Computek today.

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Computek’s Proactive Cybersecurity Services Include:

“Reliable, Fast, Responsive, and Efficient”

“As Lifestyle Director for one of Austin’s largest master plan communities, we have had the privilege to work with Computek. They are super-fast at responding and always manage our requests or issues with great skill and efficiency. I highly recommend their company. Reliable, fast, responsive, efficient and gets the job done!”

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Network Security

Email spam filter


Phishing protection

Employee security awareness training

End user phishing simulation


Dark web monitoring

Endpoint Security

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