Sometimes you know something is wrong with your computer. You don’t know exactly what that is, but you know you need some help.  However, when you call an IT office for assistance, you get a less than pleasant IT guy on the phone who “rakes you over the coals” with a million questions as you struggle to try and describe what’s happening. You just simply need some help. Don’t settle for rude IT support any longer.

Although we have our Computek Managed IT Services to prevent these types of issues for our small businesses, we also understand that your home PC needs a little “TLC” every now and then too!

We don’t send a ‘nerd’ or a ‘geek’ or a ‘kid that’s really good with computers’ to your home. We have professional, experienced technicians that will give you honest and straightforward advice about your PC.

Contact us today and let us help get you and your PC  back in harmony.

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