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It’s official, there’s a new lead for top security threat in the business market.

If you been a Computek client for any length of time, or know me at all, you have heard me preach about using caution when opening attachments or clicking on links within an email.

For the past year, every “geek-azine” or “nerd-paper” I’ve read has warned that 2016 may very well be the year we see ransomware actually surpass other threats as the top method of attack.

Well, my concerns are being reiterated by almost ever cyber security analyst in the field. One of our partners, Kaspersky Labs, has reported that “ransomware is the biggest threat to enterprise security today.”

If you’re thinking, “We’re too small to worry with, we’re not an enterprise ” or “They are only after the big guys,” you couldn’t be more wrong.

Ransomware is working, and it’s big business for cyber criminals because people are paying.

According to the FBI, between April 2014 and June 2015 they received complaints from victims reporting over $18 million dollars extorted due to CryptoWall related ransomeware alone, and CrytpoWall is only one of a number of variants. 2015 had losess totaling over $1 billion dollars… more than many country’s annual GDP.

So what do you do to protect yourself or your business?


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