Image result for windows 7 eolOn January 14, 2020 Windows 7,  along with Server 2008,  will officially be EOL (end of life) and will no longer receive security updates and patches.  Seems like only yesterday we were reeling from Windows XP going end of life!

Support for Windows 7 has formally ended, and although Microsoft may provide a little leniency by extending the hard stop date by a few months, you shouldn’t count on that. Hackers won’t be waiting to strike and given the fact that almost all Wannacry victims were running Windows 7, it is really unlikely that Microsoft will budge on the timeline this time.

Windows 7 has been around since 2009 and several years ago Microsoft began pushing out Windows 10 as a service, remember that “free” upgrade that was forced onto our machines and sucked up our drive space and bandwidth? That was all intentional, and now here we are, literally 1 year away from the death of our beloved Windows 7.

When Windows XP went EOL  there was a lot of procrastination in moving to the next OS, there will likely be the same here considering an estimated 45% of all PC’s still run Windows 7, but that was 2014. This is 2019, and the threat landscape has changed dramatically. Waiting around in hopes that nothing will go wrong would be a disastrous business continuity plan.

There is no one step fix or easy solution for this.

This is definitely something that needs to be discussed with your IT professionals, one on one, to see what migration plan fits your business best, sooner rather than later!

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